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MC Multi-function Sucker Rod Centralizers



Performance parameters of SM Coatings


Roughness(μm) 0.2~0.8
Hardness(HV0.2 ≥595
Coating thickness(mm) 0.26~0.51
Adhesion(MPa) ≥400



  • New structure able to directly replace the couplings
  • Without additional use requirements
  • Effective protection for sucker rods and tubing
  • Use without temperature limit
  • Extending the pump checking period, reducing the well operation cost, and improving the production efficiency
  • Saving electricity, increasing the operation safety, and decreasing the accident rate
  • Without causing the transfer of the eccentric wear
  • Simplifying the technical management

MC Multi-function Sucker Rod Centralizers are one of the core products of PETROMIRO with one National Utility Model Patent in China. The Centralizers are composed of the coupling-type core pin and the sliding sleeve with SM coatings on it.


The core pin of the MC Multi-function Sucker Rod Centralizer is the same as the couplings in sizes and dimensions, which are in accordance with the API Spec 11B.



  • Special structure

    • New structure of the coupling-type core pin, easy to use and install
    • Able to rotate to reduce the wear of the tubing
    • Substitute of couplings
  • Outstanding performance

    • Anti-friction, anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-scaling
    • Longer service life of the centralizer